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Nice idea, but...

Please add the ability to see the headline and tag line text as you're editing it; currently, you can't see what you're typing. Also, the ability to choose a font size for both the headline and the tag line would make this app sweeeet and earn 5 stars. At $1.99 I was hoping for a great experience, especially since the concept is so simple.


This app crashes once opened. I want refund!!!!!!!!

No Bueno

App opens, then shuts down. Everytime. Re-started, deleted and re-installed, same outcome. Refund please!

Worth 99

Kinda cool actually. Works well.

What's the problem?

I've had no (read: none, zip, zero, zilch) problems with this app. no blurriness, no issues of any kind. Here's an idea for some of the cold-hearted haters hell-bent on trashing this app. Try cropping and getting the pictures you want to import ready before you do. This is a flat, matte-app, it's as good as what you put in it. I'm no expert in any iphone category and I was sending winners out from the get-go with this. Note: I'm Joe Random Dude, not affiliated in any way shape or form with the developer(s), just hate to see a decent app get a bum rap.

Cool but...

Hey I payed 2.99 for this and I expect quality every thing is cool but there needs to be a crop feature and an ability to change the picture frame size because my pictures have some stuff in them that would not go with my poster. Please make some changes on this before I start leaving bad reputation and being an app analizer that could get yours kicked out of the App. Store Thanks The Microsoft Crew


It's an alright program.

Fun App!

Very fun app. Needs to have bigger file saves and landscape option. But it was only $.99. Developer said they were working on an update. Good, fun app. Kudos!

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